At Terra Rosa we choose to live in Slow Living! 

We try to live in greater proximity, more affectionately, strengthening personal bonds and seeking a more humane relationship with nature. 

Take time to reflect, listen, take a walk in our vineyards, read a book by the River Neiva, listen to music, have a quiet lunch, or simply live and breathe the calm and pure air of the Quinta. 

A time, without rush, doing everything or doing nothing.  A place to (re)discover yourself… 

We think about the taste of food, its origin, from the seed thrown to the earth, to ploughing, sowing and harvesting. We feel it is important to understand where the food comes from, who makes it and prepares it. 

For the furniture and decoration, we find inspirationin the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, a philosophy where we learn to see beauty in imperfect, ephemeral, incomplete things. We learn to value nature, to accept asymmetry, irregularity and modesty as attributes of beauty. 

We look for discreet and forgotten details such as simplicity, the natural and monochromatic aspect, elegance and rustic, the beauty and wisdom of age.  

We find a story in the wear and tear and in the wrinkles of time in every piece of furniture and decoration chosen with such love and dedication. 

We can enjoy life, loved ones, nature and everything around it at Terra Rosa. We can create memories and enjoy simple and happy moments! 

This is how Terra Rosa awaits you…