terra rosa experiências lá fora Viana do Castelo

Delight yourself with the extraordinary view that the capital of Alto Minho, Viana do Castelo, has on top of Monte de Santa Luzia, a city that assemble unique conditions due to the symbiosis between the Atlantic Ocean and the hills that surround it. Proud to keep its traditions very alive that you can experience throughout the city and especially in the Pilgrimage of the Pilgrimages, the “Romaria de Nossa Senhora da Agonia”.


What to do:

  • Visit the Historic Center and discover its Cultural Heritage
  • Beaches with favorable conditions for water sports
  • Get on the Santa Luzia funicular
  • Walking routes and bicycle path
  • Traditional festivities and Pilgrimage of “Nossa Senhora da Agonia”


Where to eat:

  • Tasquinha da Linda
  • Maraberto
  • Pecado Capital
  • Louro
  • Taberna do Valentim
  • Pensão Laranjeira
  • Zip Zip
  • Casa d’Armas
  • Mercado na Loja
  • À Moda Antiga – Retro Market & Bistro
  • Casa Primavera – Taberna Soares
  • Aquário
  • Camelo
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