We are halfway there with the Spanish region Galicia, which has almost as much of Portugal as Minho has of Spain. You can also visit one of the more than 700 beaches of thin and white sand that the region offers.


What to do:

  • Visit the beaches of the region
  • Camino de Santiago
  • Know the Woods
  • Discover Culture and Heritage
  • Routes
  • Thermalism



The largest city in Galicia, Vigo, has the sea as the main protagonist, and at your table you can taste some oysters on the stone. A modern and enterprising city where you will have a unique opportunity to meet the virgin nature, to know the different beaches and the Cíes Islands.



Visit the only city in the world with an astral mark,Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, which provides a place of cult for many sought after.



A Coruña, also known as the Crystal City, may have different experiences as there is always something going on. You will be able to experience one of the most unforgettable sunsets at the oldest functioning lighthouse in the world, the “Torre de Hercules”, ending your tour by walking along the maritime promenade that surrounds the city.



Find and let yourself be enchanted by the rich historical and architectural heritage that Pontevedra provides you, a city with examples of Celtic culture, the Middle Ages or even more recent that you can discover. A typical galician province with great hospitality and with treasures and corners that seem to be taken from a short story.



In Galicia, you can get to know the “Capital Termal”, Ourense, is the city of water where you can enjoy the virtues of hot mineral medicinal waters and relax by the banks of the Minho River and its eight bridges that cross it. Known not only for thermalism, Ourense provides a discovery of the heritage left by the Romans, and you can feed your culture while enjoying tapas in the historic center of the city.



Lugo is a city with a splendid Roman past where you will be able to breathe history while covering the more than 2 kilometers of the only wall in the world preserved in its entirety. Inside, visit and discover its well-preserved historic center and enjoy the bohemian and gastronomic tradition that reigns in Galicia.

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